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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Revealed, and It’s Amazing – Coming to PS5 & PS4

Guerrilla Games just showed off the gameplay of its highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West. As a sequel to the well-received Horizon Zero Dawn, the upcoming game features a number of new gameplay elements and even more stunning-looking graphics.

Horizon Forbidden West follows the protagonist, Aloy, six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. She heads west to uncover the mystery of a deadly blight, and the gameplay demo below takes place in post-apocalyptic San Francisco.

As the gameplay demo shows, combat feels much more dynamic in Forbidden West. Aloy’s Spear seems to have a new set of combos now, and she got a number of new weapons as well. Of course, staying true to the combat of the first game, Aloy’s Bow and its many different ammos appear to still be the primary weapon in the game.

Aside from the fact that the environment looks even more stunning in Forbidden West, it also opens up new traversal mechanics for Aloy. Using a new equipment called Pullcaster, for example, lets her climb up and zip from one structure to another very quickly. Combined with the Shieldwing glider, she can descend from any height safely too.

There is also the inclusion of a Diving Mask now, allowing Aloy to explore “a whole new underwater world.”

Horizon Forbidden West has no release date yet, though Guerrilla Games said that development is on track, and more updates will be given “very soon.” The upcoming game is a PlayStation exclusive, and it will be available on both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 systems.

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