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Hibi Teases New Custom Keyboard With – In-Stock Sale in 2022

Two big names in the custom keyboard scene – Hibi (founded by Kate, formerly a designer at Rama Works) and – are teasing a rather interesting new keyboard. Not only is this Hibi’s first keyboard release, it will also be sold as an in-stock product sometime this year; a rarity in this hobby.

Unfortunately, we only have several images of the mysterious new custom keyboard. There’s no indication on its price or exact availability, though two colours have been teased so far: green and pink. It will likely be a 65% or 60% keyboard too, but we’ll only know for sure once the full layout has been revealed.

Aesthetically, the upcoming Hibi keyboard does look quite a bit like the Rama M65 with its “chunky” case and angular design. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that the founder, Kate, was a designer at Rama Works. As for’s involvement in the new keyboard, he is likely providing the PCB.

Hibi is continuously teasing the new keyboard on its social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully, more details on the mysterious keyboard will be revealed soon.

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