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Grab the Everglide Aqua King V3 Switches (in Malaysia) While You Can

If you want one of the smoothest linear switches in the market now, be quick: – a vendor based here in Malaysia – recently restocked on the Everglide Aqua King V3 switch. Manufactured by JWK, this switch has a unique transparent housing and stem.

Aside from its unique aesthetic, the Aqua King V3 is, as mentioned, a very smooth linear switch too. It is lubed from the factory, so it is ready to go out of the box. On top of that, this switch has a tight tolerance as well, reducing stem wobble to a bare minimum.

Unfortunately, the tight tolerance of the Aqua King V3 does have a downside – some of the switches’ housings are too tight, so the stem has a tendency to bind. However, Keys mentioned that it will sort through the defective switches, and only send out the good ones to customers.

Aside from that, only the 67g variant of the Aqua King V3 is available at the moment; the 62g version is not restocked this time around. Of course, if you don’t like the 67g spring weight, you can always spring swap; happen to sell springs from both TX Keyboards and SPRiT.

If you’re keen to pick up the Everglide Aqua King V3 switches, you can do so over at’s official website or Shopee store. Depending on how many units you purchase, the price ranges from RM3 (less than 60 units) to RM2.40 (more than 100 units) per switch.

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