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Google Will Release an Android Tablet in 2023 With Its Tensor Chip

Now here’s a surprise: Google is returning to the tablet market in 2023 next year. This comes years after the company mentioned back in 2019 that it was getting out of the tablet game, curiously enough.

Details on the mysterious Google tablet are light at the moment, though it is “built to be the perfect companion for your Pixel phone,” as the company puts it. No word yet on what it will be called – or if it will carry the Pixel branding at all – but it will be powered by Google’s Tensor chip.

Aside from that, Google also showed off what the upcoming tablet may look like, though the image above is said to only be a prototype. Hopefully, the bezels will be shrunk in the finalised tablet; it doesn’t look particularly sleek (or modern) as it is.

We’ll learn more about Google’s tablet as we get closer to its debut sometime in 2023 next year. Aside from Samsung, there aren’t a lot of players in the tablet market, so it’ll be interesting to see how Google can…well, revitalise the Android tablet space.

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