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Glorious GMMK Pro Keyboard Restocked in Malaysia – Now RM759

The Glorious GMMK Pro keyboard is finally restocked for the Malaysian market. If you’re looking for a reasonably good pre-built keyboard with a 75% layout, this is a decent option.

Unfortunately, it appears there’s a small price hike from Dotatech for the GMMK Pro. Initially retailing at RM739, the keyboard is now going for RM759 from the retailer. At the time of writing, there are five units left: three Black Slate models, and two White Ice (which is actually more of a silver shade) units.

One of the biggest selling points of the GMMK Pro is its gasket-mounted plate, which promises a “unique haptic and acoustic experience.” It also has a CNC aluminium case to give it solid build quality and a premium feel. After all, most custom keyboards at this price point come with plastic cases.

Other specifications of the GMMK Pro include a hotswap PCB to easily swap between different switches, a 75% layout, support for both screw-in and clip-in stabilisers – it is pre-installed with Glorious’ own screw-in (and pre-lubed) GOAT stabilisers – a USB-C port, as well as QMK and VIA compatibility for easy key mapping.

If you want to grab the Glorious GMMK Pro for RM759, you can do so right here on Shopee. According to the listing, it will start shipping within seven days. Alternatively, you can also consider getting the Keychron Q1 – it will be available for pre-order next week on 24 August.

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