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Gentari Launches Malaysia’s First 350kW EV Charger at X Park Sunway Serene

Gentari, a subsidiary of Petronas that focuses on clean energy, just launched the first 350kW public EV charger in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Located at X Park Sunway Serene, the fast 350kW charger is part of an EV charging hub rolled out by Gentari in partnership with EV Connection Sdn Bhd (EVC).

Aside from the 350kW EV charger, the EV charging hub at the location also offers two other DC fast chargers (180kW) and five AC chargers. Depending on which charger you use, you will be charged – excuse the pun – at different rates.

The 350kW charger, for one, costs RM1.20 per kWh; yes, Gentari is the first to offer a kWh-based pricing mechanism. If you use the 180kW charger instead, you’ll be charged slightly lower at RM1 per kWh. As for the AC chargers, they are priced at RM0.55 per kWh.

Aside from the EV charging hub at X Park Sunway Serene, Gentari is also working on another hub at Bangi Golf Resort. There won’t be any 350kW chargers there, but there are a good combination of DC and AC chargers at the resort, including Kempower DC chargers.

Those are quite interesting, as you can scan a QR code generated by the charger with your phone to check on your car’s current charge level whenever you want to.

Anyway, you can check out Gentari’s brand new 350kW EV charger at X Park Sunway Serene. The EV charging hub at Bangi Golf Resort, on the other hand, isn’t quite ready yet, though it does look near to completion when we visited the resort today.

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