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Genshin Impact Was Down for 16 Minutes in Asia – Free Primogems as Compensation

Mihoyo’s hit game Genshin Impact is rarely ever down outside of the occasional server updates. But this happened in the Asian server for a short while yesterday on 18 June; 16 whole minutes, in fact. As compensation, Mihoyo gave out free Primogems (the in-game currency) for this short downtime.

That’s right, free primogems for a short 16-minute outage! In a mail sent out by Mihoyo to affected players, the Asian server was down between 12:57PM to 1:13PM UTC+8. To compensate for this, everyone in the Asian server are given 60 Primogems.

It’s definitely generous of Mihoyo to give out 60 Primogems for a mere 16-minute downtime. In fact, whenever the servers are down for update maintenance, 60 Primogems are given out each hour.

Genshin Impact servers are usually down for about five hours for the recent version updates, so that’s a total of 300 Primogems. Of course, even if the servers are back online earlier than expected, the full amount of Primogems will still be given to players.

Genshin Impact is certainly proving to be a real success for Mihoyo, and the fact that players are compensated with Primogems for such a short outage really shows how well the game is handled by the company. Version 1.6 of Genshin Impact is currently live, and you should check it out if you can – the new story quest is very engrossing.