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Genshin Impact New Version Preview Happening on 9 July – Inazuma Coming?

Mihoyo just announced that it will be doing a preview for the next version of Genshin Impact this Friday on 9 July. Looking at the teaser image, there’s a good chance the region of Inazuma will be added to the game in the new update.

As you can see in the teaser below, what appears to be a Statue of the Seven – which depicts the seven “Archons” in the world of Genshin Impact – is shown in the image. What’s interesting is the fact that it doesn’t look like any of the statues found in Mondstadt or Liyue, the two regions that are currently available in the game.

Chances are, this is a Statue of the Seven found in the yet to be released region of Inazuma. After all, if we look back at the story teaser of Kazuha, it was revealed that the Raiden Shogun (the Electro Archon) is a female character, leading credence to this theory.

Aside from that, Mihoyo has also been teasing Inazuma in the past couple of livestreams with a number of concept arts. The developer even revealed three upcoming characters from Inazuma: Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. These three characters are expected to be available in the next version of Genshin Impact.

Nonetheless, we’ll find out for ourselves once the new version preview of Genshin Impact is live on Twitch at 8PM this Friday on 9 June for us here in Malaysia. The recording of the program will also be released on YouTube at 12AM on 10 July (Malaysian time).

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