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Genshin Impact – Login Now to Claim 400 Primogems

Hoyoverse just sent out the compensation for the delay of Genshin Impact 2.7. As long as you’ve reached Adventure Level 5 or above, you can claim 400 Primogems from the in-game mail today. In fact, you’ll get this reward every week until the Version 2.7 update is live.

Aside from 400 Primogems, Hoyoverse will also give players a Fragile Resin, 7x Hero’s Wits, 16x Mystic Enhancement Ores, and 120,000 Mora. Again, these rewards will be issued every week until the release of Version 2.7.

With the delay of Version 2.7, Kamisato Ayaka’s event wish – and the accompanying weapon banner – is also extended until the end of Version 2.6. If you’ve always wanted to get Ayaka and her signature weapon, this is definitely great news to collect more Primogems to roll for her.

Unfortunately, it still remains to be seen exactly when Version 2.7 of Genshin Impact will go live; Hoyoverse said an announcement will be made “as soon as it has been confirmed.” While some may be disappointed the next update is delayed, the generous compensation certainly makes up for it, in our opinion.

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