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Genshin Impact Introduces 2 Simultaneous Character Banners in Version 2.3

Now this is quite interesting: Mihoyo will be running two character banners simultaneously in Genshin Impact (from time to time), beginning with Version 2.3 next week. Once the update is live on 24 November, you can wish for two different 5-star characters – a first for the game.

Dubbed Character Event Wish-2, Albedo and Eula will kick off the new format. If you’re wondering, yes, only previously released 5-star characters will be featured in this new wish type. Naturally, pity is shared between the two banners, and the wish guarantee count will carry over to future character banners too.

However, it remains to be seen if Albedo and Eula will get their own separate event wishes with different featured 4-star characters. If this is the case, which 4-star characters are paired with them will affect how compelling their banners will be, even if most folks will be aiming to get the 5-star characters themselves.

Nonetheless, we’ll find out more come next week when Albedo’s and Eula’s event wishes are officially revealed. Based on previous banner announcements, we expect their event wishes to be announced as early as next Monday on 22 November – two days before Genshin Impact’s Version 2.3 update drops on 24 November.

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