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Genshin Impact for PlayStation 5 Reduces Loading Times to Less Than 2 Seconds

The PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact is coming on 28 April alongside the Version 1.5 update, and Mihoyo revealed a number of interesting new details for the new version of the game. For example, it takes the game merely seconds to load a new area on the PS5.

This improvement is possible thanks to the powerful SSD of the PS5. Mihoyo released a video showcasing the development build of the PS5 version of Genshin Impact, and as you can see in the video below, it takes less than two whole seconds for the game to load a brand new area.

As Mihoyo puts it, “you can jump right into domains almost instantaneously.”

This incredibly fast loading time is very impressive, given that even high-end gaming PCs can’t match the PS5 in this regard. Granted, Mihoyo is using a tailor-made file-loading system for the PS5 version of Genshin Impact to achieve this speedy loading time.

Interestingly, Mihoyo also mentioned that it is looking to implement more features of the DualSense controller in Genshin Impact in the PS5 version. For now, only the improved haptic feedback of the next generation controller is implemented in the game; more DualSense features (perhaps even the adaptive triggers) will be integrated in the future.

“The DualSense controller adopts very different technologies, and we’re still redesigning the controller support from scratch to explore its full potential,” said Mihoyo.

To recap, Genshin Impact for the PlayStation 5 will be arriving next week on 28 April together with the Version 1.5 update of the game, which will introduce a slew of other new content and improvements. You can learn more about these changes right here.

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