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Genshin Impact Baizhu & Ganyu Banners Arrive 2 May With Kaveh, Candace, Fischl

Details on Baizhu’s and Ganyu’s banners have been revealed. Set to arrive in Genshin Impact next week on 2 May, the two 5-star characters’ event wishes will be accompanied by Kaveh, a brand new 4-star character, as well as Candace and Fischl.

In line with previous Genshin Impact banners, Baizhu’s and Ganyu’s event wishes both have the same roster of 4-star characters despite the fact that they’re featured in separate banners. Of course, pity is also shared between the two event wishes, and the wish guarantee count will carry over to future character banners too.

The same rule applies to the increased “drop rate” of the featured characters. In the case of Baizhu and Ganyu, the first 5-star character you get will have a 50% chance to be either of them, depending on which banner you’re wishing. If you got a different character, the next 5-star character you roll is guaranteed to be them.

Since Genshin Impact’s pity system for character banners ensures that you will get at least one 5-star character every 90 wishes, you will have to do 180 rolls for a guaranteed Baizhu or Ganyu. This rule is also applicable to 4-star characters (guaranteed every 10-roll instead), but given that there are three of them featured in the banner, it’s a little bit more random.

Basically, when you’re guaranteed a 4-star character from the banner, you will get either Kaveh, Candace, or Fischl. If you’re aiming to get either one of these three characters, you will likely have to roll a good number of times, depending on your luck.

Baizhu’s “Immaculate Pulse” and Ganyu’s “Adrift in the Harbor” event wishes will be available in Genshin Impact on 2 May next week. Their banners will be offered until 23 May, and we can expect Kirara to be playable not long after that in the Version 3.7 update of Genshin Impact.

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