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Genshin Impact 3.6 Releasing on 12 April With Baizhu, Kaveh, New Weekly Boss & Story Quests

Genshin Impact’s Version 3.6 update is set to arrive on 12 April. Not only does the update bring two new playable characters – Baizhu and Kaveh, who have already appeared in the game’s main storyline – a new weekly boss will also be introduced alongside the second chapter of Nahida’s story quest.

First, the new playable characters. Baizhu is a 5-star catalyst character, while Kaveh is a 4-star unit who wields a claymore. Both of them have Dendro Visions, and they will be featured in the same banner in the second half of Genshin Impact 3.6’s event wishes alongside Ganyu’s rerun.

Speaking of which, Nahida and Nilou are also getting their rerun banners in the first half of event wishes once the update is live.

A few new enemies, including a weekly boss, will be added in the Version 3.6 update of Genshin Impact as well. Apep, the “Dragon of Verdure,” was said to be the ruler of ancient Sumeru, and the boss will be detailed in Nahida’s story quest Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II. Of course, Baizhu will get his own story quest as well, which will reveal “more anecdotes about the owner of Bubu Pharmacy,” as Hoyoverse puts it.

There is also a new area within the desert area of Sumeru. It’s made up of wastelands and an oasis, and it was one of the main battlefields during the Khaenri’ah cataclysm five hundred years ago, which was mentioned multiple times in the narrative of the game. Of course, there’s also a new in-game event dubbed Akademiya Extravaganza that also takes place in Sumeru.

Genshin Impact 3.6 will go live on 12 April. Once the update is here, Nahida’s and Nilou’s rerun banners will be available first, followed by Baizhu’s, Kaveh’s, and Ganyu’s event wishes at a later date.

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