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Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky Back in Stock on Pantheon

The popular Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky tactile switch has been restocked by Pantheon, a keyboard vendor based in Singapore. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on one of the best (and thockiest) tactile switches in the market, now’s your chance.

Both the 62g and 68g variants of the Boba U4T are currently in stock at Pantheon. Priced at S$8.70 (about RM27) for 10 switches, the U4T is certainly priced well for a switch of this calibre. If you want the RGB version of this switch instead (the top housing is transparent), only the 68g version is in stock right now.

What makes the U4T such a desirable tactile switch is its thocky sound profile – as its name suggests – along with its strong, rounded tactile bump. Gazzew’s switches are also known to be smooth right out of the box with very little stem wobble, which all apply to the U4T.

It’s worth nothing that Pantheon is one of the authorised vendors for Gazzew’s range of products. Given that it is based in Singapore, it is also the closest vendor for us here in Malaysia. If you’d like to learn more about the Boba U4T, give our review a read here, or watch our video review above!

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