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Gateron X Now in Malaysia – New Linear Switch From RM2.40

The brand new Gateron X linear switch is now available right here in Malaysia. Featuring a bottom housing made from a new mold – there’s an “X” engraving on the bottom to signify this – as well as polished insides, the Gateron X should be noticeably smoother than the company’s other linear offerings.

This Gateron X switch is exclusively available from locally; it is the official Malaysian vendor. If you buy less than 20 Gateron X switches from, it will cost RM3 per unit. To get the best discount, you have to purchase over 100 switches, bringing down the price to RM2.40 per switch.

As mentioned, the Gateron X switch has a new bottom housing with polished insides; even the POM stem is polished. “These polished areas reduce surface roughness while maintaining stem tolerances,” as the product listing states. In fact, the polished areas are even “slippery to grip.”

While the new Gateron X switch is quite a bit more costly than Gateron’s other offerings, it does seem like a promising (and possibly smooth) linear switch. If you’re keen to pick it up, you can do so from’s official website or its Shopee Store. Hex Keyboards (based in Singapore) also carry the Gateron X, though it’s sold out at the moment.

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