Fortnite Season X Introduces a Giant Mech Controlled By Two Players

Fortnite’s 10th season – stylised as “Season X” – is now live, and it is jam-packed with a number of new cosmetic items, features, and get this: a giant mech suit. That’s right, a giant mech that requires two players to control effectively.

If you haven’t been playing Fortnite for a while now (like myself), you may be interested to jump back into the game for Season X – I certainly will.

Okay, so let’s start with the new giant mech suit. B.R.U.T.E., as Epic Games calls it, can be operated by two players: one to control the movement, and another to control the various weaponry. Alternatively, you can even use the mech suit alone by switching between moving and shooting.

The maneuverability of B.R.U.T.E. seems to be quite good too. You can dash, super jump, and even “stomp enemies and structures into the ground.” As for weapons, you’ve got two at your disposal: a shotgun and a missile launcher.

Out of the two weapons, the missile launcher is the most interesting one here. Up to 10 missiles can be loaded, and you’ll have to hold down on the Trigger button to start loading them. Once you let go of the Trigger button (or 10 missiles have already been loaded), all missiles will fire automatically.

Naturally, there is a way to protect yourself inside the B.R.U.T.E.. By consuming 200 Materials of any type, you will create an “overshield,” which will protect you in the mech for five seconds. Not particularly long, but hey, it’s part of balancing.

That being said, we’re sure the giant mech suit will be tweaked again once players start putting it through its paces.

Another thing that’s new in Season X are Battle Pass-exclusive Missions, which are thematic objectives that grant various rewards. These range from Battle Stars, experience points, and cosmetic items exclusive to these Missions. Aside from that, Season X also allows you to gift Battle Pass to your friends now. If you want to do so, be quick: it will not be possible to gift Battle Pass after 15 August.

Besides that, the Season X Battle Pass include your usual rewards as you go up in tiers. You can get emotes, cosmetic items, experience points, and so on. The full list of rewards can be found here.

Season X of Fortnite is live right now, and it will conclude on 6 October. If you’d like to purchase the Battle Pass, it still costs the same at 950 V-Bucks. For context, you can purchase 1,000 V-Bucks for RM30 on the PlayStation Store. The full patch note for Season X can be found on Fortnite’s official website.

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