Fiture Fitness Mirror Now in Malaysia From RM3,999 – Early Birds Get RM1,000 Discount

If you’ve always wanted a smart mirror that can help with your workouts – though that is a very specific need – Fiture’s range of fitness mirrors do just that. Not only do they offer a wide range of workouts with form correction, these mirrors look quite sleek too.

Two Fiture fitness mirrors are offered in Malaysia. The more affordable of the two is the Fiture Mini for RM3,999, while the larger Fiture Core retails at RM6,999. Those who purchase either fitness mirrors by 19 October can get a pretty generous RM1,000 discount, along with a three-month subscription.

Do note that you’ll need an active subscription to…well, use the coaching features of the Fiture smart mirrors. It costs RM129 a month.

For that kind of money, the Fiture Core and Fiture Mini do appear to be refined fitness mirrors. They’re said to have “hundreds of workouts,” including bodybuilding, yoga, HIIT, and even form correction. On top of that, Fiture’s patented Motion Engine technology also helps you to get the correct form, pacing, timing, and movements for these workouts.

Naturally, there are also a couple of differences between the Fiture Core and Fiture Mini fitness mirrors. Aside from the size difference, the Core has an HD screen for a “true in-studio experience,” as the company puts it. The two fitness mirrors also have built-in speakers too, and there are even some games that you can play on the mirror.

The Fiture Core and Fiture Mini are now available for purchase in Malaysia through Fiture’s official Shopee store. To recap, the Fiture Core retails at RM6,999, while the Fiture Mini costs RM3,999. You can get a RM1,000 discount on the two fitness mirrors if you purchase them by 19 October next month.

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