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Fan of AMD? You Can Bid for the Number Plate on 25 October

If you’re a fan of AMD – the semiconductor company – and you want those three letters on your car plate, you can do just that next week. JPJ will be opening the AMD series for bidding this coming Monday on 25 October.

In order to place your bid for an AMD plate, you will need to register for an account with JPJeBid on the website. Alternatively, you can also register through the mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once the AMD series is opened this Monday on 25 October, you can start placing your bid. Do note that there are minimum bid amounts depending on the number that you want to get. AMD 1, for example, starts at a steep RM20,000 – it is considered a “golden number.”

If course, if you want a “regular number” without any special significance, the minimum bid amount is RM300; the standard price for a plate number. Do note that if your bid is successful, you will have 12 months to register the plate number you’ve won to a vehicle.

JPJ will open bidding for the AMD series this coming Monday on 25 October; the bidding will close on 29 October at 10PM. The bidding results will be released the following day on 30 October.

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