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EV Innovations’ MyKar Project Wants to Bring EV to the Masses in Malaysia

EV Innovations, an electric vehicle startup based here in Malaysia, wants to bring EV to the masses both locally and in the ASEAN market with its MyKar project. The company just signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) as well as Ingress Corporation Berhad to further develop the project into a roadworthy vehicle.

The MOA between EV Innovations and MARii is for the homologation process of the former’s prototype EV, which is actually based on the Honda Jazz (to an extent). The doors and suspension of the MyKar prototype are taken from the Jazz, but the chassis and mechanical parts of the EV are designed and fabricated by DNT Auto.

Aside from that, the outer layer and body of the vehicle are fabricated by DK Composites, while the electronics control, instrumentation, and integration are based on the technology developed by System Consultancy Services (SCS). It’s worth noting that EV Innovations is actually a subsidiary of SCS.

As for the MOA between EV Innovations and Ingress Corporation Berhad, it’s for the manufacturing of parts for MyKar. With MARii and Ingress Corporation on board, EV Innovations’ goal of building an EV that is “affordable, practical, and easily integrated into the current Malaysian automotive ecosystem” is closer to becoming a reality.

“While we have come a long way from our first proof of concept prototype, there is still quite a journey to go through in order to achieve our vision.” With this in mind, EV Innovations is “open for partners who would want to make this dream a reality, be it an institutional strategy partner, or an individual retail investor that wants a piece of the Malaysian dream,” as the company puts it.

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