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Editing WhatsApp Messages Now Possible – Only up to 15 Minutes

Sent a WhatsApp message with a typo? Well, you don’t have to delete it anymore just to send a new one. The messaging service recently added the ability to edit messages that were sent, making it easier to correct typo or add more context to messages after you hit send.

Of course, there are a couple of caveats to the new feature. For one, you can only edit a message that were sent within 15 minutes. Aside from that, there’s no edit history either, though messages that were edited will be labeled as such on the messaging service.

Despite its limitations, we reckon it’s still a feature many WhatsApp users will find useful. Naturally, the messages and edits you make on the messaging app are protected by end-to-end encryption, so there should be no security concern.

The ability to edit messages in WhatsApp has been rolled out globally, but at the time of writing, we cannot edit our messages on the messaging app yet. Rest assured, WhatsApp said that the feature should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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