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Ducky’s First Mainstream Hotswap Keyboard Coming to Malaysia Soon

Introduced back in November last month, we just got confirmation that the Ducky One 3 series of mechanical keyboards are coming to Malaysia soon. What makes these keyboards particularly interesting is the fact that they are the Taiwanese company’s first mainstream offering with a hotswap PCB, allowing users to easily swap out the switches.

The Malaysian availability of the Ducky One 3 series was revealed by Ducky Malaysia’s Facebook page, which is handled by Sun Cycle, the official distributor of Ducky products locally. According to the company, the new keyboards are set to arrive here by Christmas.

Technically, the 2020 Ducky Year of the Rat is the company’s first keyboard with hotswap support, but that is a limited edition model. The One 3 series, on the other hand, is made up of mainstream (and affordable) keyboards. In fact, the lineup is offered in many different colourways and form factor, including full-size, TKL, 65%, and even 60%.

Aside from the hotswap PCB, the One 3 series also features double-shot PBT keycaps, Cherry MX switches, RGB backlighting, a number of sound deadening material for improved sound profile, and plate-mounted stabilisers that are “fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience,” as Ducky puts it.

No word yet on exactly when the Ducky One 3 series will arrive in Malaysia, but since Sun Cycle is already teasing the new keyboards, we reckon they will be available here very soon.

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