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Drop to Introduce New MT2 Keycap Profile – 3 Colourways, Cherry-Like Profile

Drop (sort of) announced a new keycap profile. Dubbed MT2 – though it is quite different from the much taller MT3 profile – it looks to be similar to Cherry profile keycaps, and the company said it has “ambitious goals” for the new keycap profile.

The new MT2 profile will debut in three colourways in the coming weeks: White-on-Black, Black-on-White – classic options, basically – and Genesis for those that want a more eye-popping colour scheme. Given that Drop has released MT3 keycaps in various colourways, we imagine the same will be done for MT2 keycaps.

Among the goals Drop set out for these MT2 keycaps are “industry-leading legend tolerances,” keycaps that are free from exterior blemishes and imperfections, and interestingly enough, a cylindrical profile. This is a stark contrast over the more spherical profile of MT3 keycaps.

Nonetheless, we’ll learn more about Drop’s new MT2 keycap profile in the near future. It’ll be interesting to see how much it will be priced at; if priced right – with good quality control, of course – we reckon the MT2 keycaps will be quite compelling.

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