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Domino’s Pizza Malaysia Previews “Future of Delivery” – e-Bike With Built-in Oven!

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia just showed off a rather interesting concept. Dubbed dxb, it is an electric bike with – get this – a built-in oven! On top of that, the dxb will actually be rolled out to selected markets (including Malaysia), so you may see the e-bike on local roads very soon.

The dxb has quite a number of fancy features. The built-in fan-forced oven, for one, is a temperature-controlled pod that keeps the pizza at 68°C. The e-bike itself also has a suspension system that cuts down g-force “by an incredible 67%,” as the company puts it. No more damaged pizza in transit!

“Malaysians have an enduring love for our delicious pizzas. Driven by our passion for technology and the rapid pace of innovation, our new e-bike concept, dxb, represents an initial exploration into the future of delivery,” said the CEO of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Shamsul Amree.

“This innovative effort is part of our preparation for the future, and we are excited about the opportunity for the Malaysian market to be among the few to experience this initial concept,” he added.

According to Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, the dxb will be gradually rolled out to 12 markets, including Malaysia, with plans for wider adoption soon. No tentative timeline was given, however, so it remains to be seen exactly when we will see the dxb on Malaysian roads.

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