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Digi Introduces JomFibre Campaign – RM100 for 300Mbps Plan

Digi just launched a new JomFibre campaign, which offers savings of up to RM1,200 for selected fibre plans from the telco. In fact, you can get Digi’s 300Mbps fibre plan for only RM100 – that’s really quite a competitive price point.

Of course, there are a number of caveats for this offer. In order to get the Digi Fibre 150 (300Mbps) fibre plan for only RM100 per month – it’s usually RM150 per month – you need to be a Digi Postpaid 90 or above subscriber. On top of that, the RM50 rebate is only offered “over a 24-month period based on your contract,” as Digi puts it.

Effectively, this will save you a total of RM1,200 over the two-year period.

If you want even higher speeds, you can opt for the Digi Fibre 190 (500Mbps) or Digi Fibre 270 (800Mbps) plan instead. The same promotion is applied here: Digi Postpaid 90 or above subscribers will get RM50 rebate for these two plans over a 24-month period, so you can get these plans for RM140 and RM220 per month respectively.

According to Digi’s website, you can still get a pretty sizeable rebate if you’re a Digi Postpaid 60 user. Instead of a RM50 rebate, you’re eligible to get a RM35 rebate over 24 months, saving you a total of RM840 in that period of time.

Do note that the rebates mentioned above include a RM20 rebate per month, which is actually a lifetime rebate exclusively for the DF150, DF190, DF270, and DF290 fibre plans. Basically, once your 24-month contract is over, you’ll still get to enjoy the RM20 discount every month.

Digi’s JomFibre campaign will be valid until 30 November 2021, so if you want to enjoy these rebates, sign up before then. More information on the campaign can be found here.

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