Deal: Trade-In Your Nintendo Switch V2 to Get the OLED Model for Only RM699

Feel like upgrading to the new Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)? Well, if you’ve got yourself the Switch V2 – that is, the revised model released in 2019 after the original one – you can trade it in and get the new OLED model for only RM699.

This deal is offered by Impulse Gaming, one of the most renowned game stores in Malaysia. According to Impulse, a trade-in of the Switch V2 (complete set) lets you purchase the OLED Switch for only RM699. Depending on the condition of your Switch V2, this can be quite a good deal.

Now, if you prefer getting the OLED Switch outright without trading anything in, you can grab it for only RM1,498.88 from Preferred Shopee retailer GameStop. If we were to take this value and compare it to Impulse Gaming’s trade-in offer, you’re effectively getting RM800 for your Switch V2.

Of course, Impulse Gaming also accepts trade-in of other consoles for the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model); you can even get cold hard cash instead if that’s what you want. You can get in touch with the game store here for more details on its trade-in programme.

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