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Deal: Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with RM1,000 Discount Tomorrow

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is finally available in Malaysia, and Samsung is offering a rather attractive promotion at five different roadshows to celebrate the launch. If you’re quick, you can get the Galaxy Note 10 with RM1,000 discount at these roadshows – that’s a very good deal for a brand new flagship smartphone.

Of course, in order to be eligible for this deal, there are a couple of terms and conditions. For one, you’d have to be the first 500 customers to purchase the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ at these roadshows. On top of that, you’ll have to get two units (of any variant) to enjoy the RM1,000 discount.

If you’re not the first 500 customers to get the RM1,000 discount, don’t worry: there are other promotions at these roadshows. Depending on which Galaxy Note 10 device you get, you’ll be eligible for a number of free gifts worth up to RM1,248.

Those who purchase the standard Galaxy Note 10 at the roadshows will receive a Samsung Galaxy Fit wearable, a one-year extended warranty, as well as a one-time screen protection plan. Collectively, these are worth RM649. If you get the Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) instead, an extra battery pack will be thrown in along with the aforementioned items, which are worth RM818.

Naturally, the best deal is reserved for the 512GB variant of the Galaxy Note 10+. Instead of a Galaxy Fit, you’ll get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch along with the battery pack, extended warranty, and screen protection. All of these are worth RM1,248.

Needless to say, these are attractive offers for the Galaxy Note 10 series regardless of which model you’re getting. Either you like the more compact form factor of the standard Note 10 or the bigger, sharper display of the Note 10+, you will get a good deal at these roadshows.

Can’t quite decide which Galaxy Note 10 device to get? Well, this article we put together should help you decide. As a refresher, the standard Note 10 with 256GB of storage retails at RM3,699, while the higher-end Note 10+ go for RM4,199 and RM4,799 for the 256GB and 512GB variants respectively.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 roadshow will start tomorrow from 23 August to 25 August. The five roadshows will take place in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur; Queensbah Mall, Penang; Mid Valley Southkey, Johor; East Coast Mall, Pahang; and Imago KK, Sabah. To learn more about these promotions at the roadshows – including the terms and conditions – click here.

One Reply to Deal: Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with RM1,000 Discount Tomorrow

  1. As someone who had been eagerly waiting to upgrade from my trusty Note 8, this roadshow deal was worth lining up for (even if the phone was slightly disappointing). Went in to Mid Valley Megamall at 6am, and there was already a line! Almost couldn’t believe it. At around 9am Samsung staff began giving away the Golden Tickets which are needed to redeem the second unit for RM1000 off.

    To my surprise, Samsung not only gave RM1,000 off the second unit, but also the freebies as well! All in, I managed to grab two Aura Glow 512GB with extended warranty and screen protection, two units of Galaxy Watch Active and 10k Samsung powerbank, AND RM1000 discount. Was sharing the unit with a friend, so we both got a really, really good deal.

    To be honest, the Note 10+ wasn’t the upgrade I was expecting. A bit disappointed that the camera wasn’t upgraded to match the likes of Google and Huawei (don’t get me wrong, it’s great but not AS great). The new power button placement took some getting used to as well. But hey, the total outlay for the phone amounted to around RM3500, making the Note 10+ a great phone for that price.

    Also, Aura Glow looks great!

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