Deal: Black Shark 2 Going for Only RM2,299 Now

Launched just last month in Malaysia, the Black Shark 2 is now more affordable than ever. Originally retailing at RM2,499, you can currently get the 128GB variant for only RM2,299.

Considering the fact that it hasn’t even been that long since it was introduced here, RM200 discount is a relatively good amount of saving. On top of that, this deal is offered by G Store on Lazada, which is one of the most reputable retailers on the platform.

Naturally, this is not an import unit. According to G Store, it is offering original Malaysian units of the Black Shark 2 for this particular listing. Rest assured, warranty claim should not be an issue here.

Right now, the Black Shark 2 is only one of only two flagship smartphones in Malaysia with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset – the other being the Xiaomi Mi 9. While RM2,299 is still quite a sum of money, you’re getting a really good gaming smartphone – check out our hands-on if you’d like to learn more about the Black Shark 2.

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