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Could This Be TNG eWallet’s Visa Prepaid Card?

Touch ‘n Go previously revealed that it plans to release a Visa prepaid card linked to its TNG eWallet app before the end of the year. As 2022 draws to a close, a purported image of the prepaid card starting surfacing on the internet.

The image below was shared to Amanz, and it looks to be the much anticipated TNG Visa prepaid card. If you’re familiar with BigPay, it’s the same concept: the prepaid card is linked to your balance in the TNG eWallet app, making it easier to make purchases at any outlets that accept VISA cards.

Although Touch ‘n Go said its Visa prepaid card is set to be launched by the end of the year, it’s already 25 December – Merry Christmas everyone! – today. While it’s possible the company can still launch the card before 2023 is here, it’s a tight launch window.

Nonetheless, we will keep an eye on any relevant details pertaining to the availability of the TNG Visa prepaid card, especially on how users can get their hands on the card.

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