Check the Vaccination Status of Eateries With Vaxxed Shops

As dining in (for fully vaccinated individuals) are now allowed in more states across Malaysia, folks may wonder if store employees of eateries that they plan to visit are also fully vaccinated against COVID-19. It can be hard to look for this information, and that’s where Vaxxed Shops comes into the picture.

Developed by software engineer KH Lim, Vaxxed Shops shows the vaccination status of employees in eateries. So far, these stores are either classified as “fully vaccinated” or “partially vaccinated.”

As the site explains, stores that are fully vaccinated are defined as “each working staff has received two doses with an additional 14 days after the second dose” of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Sinovac. Interestingly, partially vaccinated stores, on the other hand, only requires more than 50% of the total working staff to be fully vaccinated to get this status on the site.

Vaxxed Shops sourced the vaccination status of eateries from their Twitter or Instagram account, or as claimed by the respective stores. Users can also add a shop through a form, which will be added to the list within 24 hours after it’s been reviewed.

At the time of writing, only about 66 eateries are listed on Vaxxed Shops, and most of them are establishments in the Klang Valley area. While we wouldn’t consider the site a definitive source of vaccination information for eateries, we imagine it can still come in handy.

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