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CelcomDigi & Yinson Signs MoU to Develop EV Services & Infrastructure in Malaysia

CelcomDigi and Yinson just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further develop EV services and infrastructure in Malaysia. The collaboration, among other things, allows Yinson to leverage on CelcomDigi’s 4G and 5G network for its range of services.

Yinson has several brands under its belt, including ChargEV – which is said to be Malaysia’s largest charge point operator – as well as rydeEV and drivEV. Through this collaboration, Yinson and CelcomDigi will also work together to explore “new, innovative solutions that will allow consumers to stay connected” while having easier access to EVs, charging stations, and solar infrastructure integration.

“This is a significant milestone in our long-standing partnership with Yinson – the first time in Malaysia that a telecommunication service provider teams up with a global energy infrastructure and technology company to jointly innovate the way we bring EV services to consumers,” said the CEO of CelcomDigi, Datuk Idham Nawawi.

“Connectivity and innovative technology are the building blocks of the efficient, clean and equitable transportation system of the future. To this end, we are pleased to join hands with Malaysia’s largest mobile network operator CelcomDigi, further supported by progressive policies by the Malaysian government,” added Yinson’s Group CEO, Lim Chern Yuan.

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