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CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G Plans Official From RM25/Month – “Unlimited” or High-Speed 5G

CelcomDigi just launched its new CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G plans, which are offered in Edisi Biru and Edisi Kuning – that’s Bahasa Malaysia for Blue Edition and Yellow Edition respectively. Depending on the plan, users can get either “unlimited” or high-speed 5G connectivity, though speed caps are in place.

Let’s start with the CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G Edisi Biru plans, which offer unlimited 5G and 4G internet, but the speed is capped at 1Mbps or 3Mbps for the RM25/month and RM39/month plans respectively. Of course, users will also get 15GB or 55GB of high-speed (capped at 100Mbps) data, along with 3GB of hotspot quota.

As for the CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G Edisi Kuning plans, they offer 30GB or 75GB of high-speed (again, capped at 100Mbps) 5G or 4G data for RM25/month and RM39/month respectively. Hotspot quota remains at 6GB, and just like the Edisi Biru plans, users will get unlimited calls to all networks.

Those who sign up for the Edisi Biru or Edisi Kuning plan can also get various passes, including a limited time offer RM1 pass to get unlimited internet (capped at 100Mbps) for one hour. Daily passes and weekly passes are also offered for those who need more data quota.

Interestingly, there are also special bundles for the RM39/month Edisi Biru plan, which offer either a subscription to Viu or iQiyi for RM44/month and RM47/month respectively.

The new CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G plans will be offered from tomorrow onwards on 1 March 2024. More details on the prepaid plans will be made available on CelcomDigi’s official website then.

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