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CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G Plans Official – From RM80/Month, Rebate for Port-in Customers

CelcomDigi just launched its first-ever postpaid plans parked under the CelcomDigi brand. Priced from RM80 a month, The CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plans have a number of attractive offers for existing Celcom and Digi users, as well as potential new customers from other telcos.

Six different plans are offered in the new CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G package, ranging from RM80 to RM260 a month. Each plan has different 4G/5G data quota, and depending on which plan you go for, there are different 5G speed tiers. These range from 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps, and unlimited for the Postpaid 5G 260 plan.

To incentivise users to switch over to the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plans, the telco is offering a RM10 rebate for six months. Those who want to opt for the highest-end Postpaid 5G 260 plan can enjoy an even higher RM30 rebate for 24 months, along with free lifetime access to 300Mbps fibre internet. It’s worth noting that the other plans also come with free 300Mbps fibre connectivity, but only for six months.

What about existing Celcom or Digi users? Well, they are eligible for a rather attractive offer if they sign up for the Postpaid 5G 260 plan. Instead of RM260, these customers can get the plan for only RM200/month. New users, on the other hand, can get the aforementioned RM10 rebate, bringing down the price to RM250/month.

The new CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plans will be available from tomorrow onwards on 1 December, though it’s worth noting that the Postpaid 5G 260 plan will only be offered from January 2024. You can register your interest for the plan on CelcomDigi’s official website.

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