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Can’t Access PSN or Steam? You’re Not Alone

If you’re having trouble getting into PlayStation Network, Steam, or certain services, you’re not alone. The issue is caused by Akamai Edge DNS, which is down right now.

If you try to access certain services that use Akamai Edge DNS – which include PSN and Steam – you’ll run into the “DNS failure” error. According to Akamai, it is “aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service,” and it’s actively investigating the issue.

So rest assured, there is nothing wrong with your internet connection, console, or computer. Until Akamai figures out the issue, you won’t be able to access PSN or Steam, or any services that use Akamai Edge DNS.

Update 23 July, 12:50AM: It appears Akamai has managed to solve the issue! From what we can tell, Akamai Edge DNS was down for about two hours before it’s back up again. You should have no issue logging into PSN or Steam now.

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