Budget 2023: DNB Expanding 5G Coverage to 70% of “Highly Populated Areas” in Malaysia for RM1.3 Billion

5G rollout in Malaysia could certainly be better, but things could change come 2023 next year. At Malaysia’s Budget 2023 announcement, the government revealed that it is planning to achieve 70% 5G coverage in “highly populated areas.”

The 5G expansion in Malaysia, of course, will be handled by DNB. The initiative will take up RM1.3 billion, and the 70% coverage looks to be achieved in 2023 itself. No specifics as to what the “highly populated areas” entail, unfortunately enough.

Nonetheless, here’s hoping 5G networks will be more widely available in Malaysia next year with this initiative. Maybe we can finally make use of our phones’ 5G capability then.

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