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Brunei Gets “Proton X70 SE” First – Dubbed Exclusive Edition, Limited to 37 Units

Now this is a surprise: it appears Brunei is getting the “Proton X70 SE” ahead of us here in Malaysia. Dubbed X70 Exclusive Edition instead, bookings for the special edition C-segment SUV is now open in the country, and only 37 units are available.

Just like the X70 SE – which should be introduced for the Malaysian market in the near future – the X70 EE for Brunei has the same stylings. These include the Ocean Blue paint job, black nappa leather seats, new design for the 19-inch alloy wheels, as well as different trim finishing in the interior.

The only difference between the X70 EE and the X70 SE for the Malaysian market is the absence of an SE badge on the rear end of the SUV. Given that previous leaked images of the X70 SE looks to be sporting the SE emblem, there’s a good chance Proton is almost ready to roll out the SUV to the local market soon.

Beyond the styling updates, the X70 EE – and by extension, the SE model as well – should have the same powertrain as the regular version. This means it will be powered by the same 1.8L turbo engine (181hp/300Nm) paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

It’s certainly odd that Brunei is getting the Proton X70 SE first, though it’s entirely possible the special edition SUV would’ve been launched here in Malaysia first if not for the total lockdown, which is set to end on 14 June next week – pending further extension, if any. Nonetheless, we’ll keep a close eye on the local availability of the X70 SE.

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