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Boma X9 Is a RM16.4k Small EV With up to 140km Range – Now at EVM Asia 2023 in Malaysia

While we were going around EVM Asia 2023’s booths at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, we came upon a rather intriguing electric vehicle. This is the Boma X9, a (very) small EV with up to 140km of range. The car is so small, that it can fit into a booth with room to spare.

The small dimensions of the Boma X9 also carries an equally small price tag. According to a representative at the Henan Feibo booth, the EV retails at the equivalent of $3,500 in China. That comes up to about RM16,400, so there’s no doubt the X9 is an affordable car.

That being said, we don’t actually have a complete specification of the X9, such as its total power output and safety features. It’s also worth noting that the quoted 100km to 140km range is only achievable if the EV is going at only…45kmph. Oh, it also has a top speed of “45/60kmph” on full load – we’re not quite sure how to make sense of the different figures for the max speed.

While the Boma X9 is currently showcased at EVM Asia 2023, there are no plans yet to bring in the EV to the Malaysian market. Rather, Henan Feibo is looking for a local partner that would be interested to sell the small EV. If you’re keen to check out the X9, you can do so at EVM Asia in MITEC, Kuala Lumpur until 21 September.

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