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Asus Zenfone Series Reportedly Being Cut – Only ROG Phone Remains

It’s been a while since any of the Asus Zenfone phones were offered in Malaysia, and it appears the Taiwanese company is (reportedly) planning to close the Zenfone division. If this turns out to be true, only the ROG Phone lineup will remain in Asus’ smartphone portfolio.

This report came from TechNews Taiwan. According to the publication, Asus is currently laying off a number of employees (including the mobile division) across its offices in Taiwan and Suzhou, China. TechNews, citing an anonymous source, said that the Zenfone 10 will be the last phone in the series.

As for current Asus employees under the Zenfone team, they will either be relegated to the ROG Phone development team or to other relevant departments. Evidently, Asus is prioritising the ROG Phone for its smartphone business, which makes sense, given that the gaming phone is much more widely available.

But given that these details did not come directly from Asus itself, there is a chance development of the Zenfone series will not be cut. We’ll just have to wait for confirmation from the Taiwanese company on the fate of its Zenfone lineup.

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