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Asus Malaysia Introduces Perfect Warranty Program; Covers Accidental Damage

Asus Malaysia just announced a new warranty program for its range of laptops. Dubbed “Perfect Warranty,” this is a one-year additional protection service that covers a number of scenarios, including damages from spills, electrical surges, and even accidental breakages from drops and so on.

The best part is, the Perfect Warranty service is provided to eligible laptops – both from the company’s consumer and gaming lineup – at no additional cost. However, do note that this is only applicable to Asus laptops that were launched in Malaysia from 2019 onwards.

In other words, if you’re planning to purchase a brand new Asus laptop sometime this year, it won’t be eligible for the Perfect Warranty service if it was launched locally in, say, 2018.

On top of that, keep in mind that the Perfect Warranty service is not a total coverage. If something does happen to your laptop, Asus will only cover “80% of the total repair cost.” The remaining 20% will have to be paid by the consumer, along with labour fee. It would’ve been great if it was a complete protection, but only having to pay 20% of the repair (with the labour fee) is not bad at all.

So what other caveats should you be aware of? Obviously, the Perfect Warranty service is only applicable to Asus-branded consumer or gaming laptops that are purchased in Malaysia itself. On top of that, components that are repaired or replaced as part of this service will be covered under warranty for one month or the remainder of the manufacturer warranty period. “Whichever is applicable,” as Asus puts it.

Besides that, there are also a number of situations that are not covered under the Perfect Warranty service. These include cosmetic damages (dent, scratches), lost or stolen products, intentional damage, or damages from “incorrect or inadequate customer installation.” Of course, you can only claim this service once during the one-year warranty period from the date of purchase.

All in all, Asus’ new Perfect Warranty service is a nice add-on for anyone that’s thinking of purchasing a laptop from the Taiwanese company. Some of the laptops that are covered under this program include the ZenBook 13, TUF Gaming FX505, ROG Zephyrus M, and even the exorbitant ZenBook Pro Duo. The full terms and conditions of the Perfect Warranty service can be found here.

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