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Apple “Scary Fast” Event Was Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max, Edited on Mac

Apple’s launch events have a certain level of production quality to them that are always entertaining to watch, even as we are furiously typing out our stories on the Cupertino company’s events. At its latest “Scary Fast” event, Apple did something very interesting: the whole presentation was actually shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max!

This was revealed at the very end of the event. Those fancy drone footage used for the many transitions? Captured with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The different locations? Also with the iPhone. Naturally, even the presenters, including Tim Cook himself, were shot using the smartphone. Not surprisingly, the whole pre-recorded presentation was edited on Mac too.

Needless to say, this is a great way to promote the camera capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and we don’t think any other brand have done a whole presentation shot with their own smartphones before. If you’re curious, the 15 Pro Max features a triple camera system headlined by a 12MP telephoto lens that can do 5x optical zoom – thanks to a unique tetraprism design – a new 48MP primary camera with a larger sensor than its predecessor, along with an improved 12MP ultra-wide shooter.

Beyond that, the iPhone 15 Pro Max also delivers excellent performance out of the new A17 Pro chip, allowing it to play full-fledged AAA games like Resident Evil Village. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to review the 15 Pro Max yet, you can check out our extensive review of the more compact iPhone 15 Pro.

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