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Apple Launches New HomePod (2nd Gen) – Smarter, Sleeker, Lower $299 Price Tag

The 2nd generation HomePod is here, and naturally, it offers a number of improvements. Not only does it support the smart home standard Matter now, allowing it to control compatible accessories, it also has a slightly different design and lower launch price.

When the original HomePod was first launched in 2018, it went for $349 (about RM1,505), though it eventually got a $50 price cut the following year, bringing it down to $299 (around RM1,290). That’s the same asking price as the new – and more feature-packed – 2nd gen HomePod.

Though the silhouette of the new HomePod is similar to its predecessor, the glowing Siri animations on the top of the smart speaker has been expanded. It also comes with the Apple S7 chip now, which improves the HomePod’s “advanced computational audio” to improve audio quality by taking into accounts its placement in a room.

Speaking of which, the updated HomePod features a custom-engineered high-excursion woofer and five tweeters around the base. According to Apple, the smart speaker is able to deliver “rich, deep bass, natural mid-range, and clear, detailed highs.”

As for availability, the 2nd generation HomePod is offered in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and 11 other countries and regions. Unfortunately, Malaysia isn’t a part of the markets listed.

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