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Another Yes 4G Phone Caught on Fire – Third Reported Case

It appears yet another Yes 4G phone caught on fire, making this the third reported case. Though the phone model was not revealed, it’s likely the same Yes Altitude 3 phone, which was said to be safe to use.

The images of the burnt phone were shared to the Yes 4G Community Unofficial, a private Facebook group. Though the original post was deleted, screen captures of the post already went viral.

Though it’s difficult to discern the model of the phone based on the two images, a glimpse of the Yes 4G logo can be seen in the back. According to the original post, the device was only used for two months when it caught on fire.

Prior to this third reported case, YTL Communications (YTLC) said that its Yes Altitude 3 phone is safe to use. The battery of the phone is pinpointed to be the cause of the fire in the previous two incidences, so there’s a chance that this is the case here too.

YTLC has gotten in touch with the original poster to investigate the issue. Previously, the company reminds its customers to only use original chargers supplied with its phones, and to use SIRIM-certified charging cables that are in good condition. It remains to be seen if a third-party charger or cable is the cause of the fire in this particular incident.

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