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Akuma From Street Fighter Will Be Added to Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch has been getting some pretty interesting DLCs since its initial release, and this latest addition is quite interesting. Come 27 August this Friday, Akuma from Street Fighter will be added to the game – sounds unreal, doesn’t it?

Looking at the trailer for the new “Capcom Collab 3” content, Akuma seems to be a hunter…that doesn’t even need a weapon to take down monsters. Jokes aside, his moveset in the trailer is actually taken from the Sword and Shield class; Akuma’s unique skin is applied over the weapon.

Capcom confirmed that these special Akuma skills will be applied when a player equips the Sword and Shield. On top of that, with the Akuma layered armor equipped, the animation when you’re attacking with a kunai will change too. Naturally, your hunter’s voice and appearance will be swapped to Akuma’s with the armor equipped as well.

As is the case with other Monster Hunter Rise DLCs, the Akuma layered armor can be unlocked by completing a special Event Quest. However, it remains to be seen exactly what the quest requires players to do.

The Event Quest for Akuma’s skin from Street Fighter will be available in Monster Hunter Rise this Friday on 27 August. Not sure it’s a game for you? Then check out our review of this fantastic Switch game.

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