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Akko Unveils MOD 005 – Gasket-Mounted Aluminium Keyboard for RM570

Akko is introducing quite a number of new products lately, including this keyboard kit, the Akko MOD 005. Sporting a gasket mount design and a CNC aluminium case, it’s quite an intriguing 65% keyboard.

Given its more premium aluminium case, the MOD 005 does cost quite a bit more than Akko’s other keyboards. On Akko’s official Shopee Malaysia store, the MOD 005 is listed at RM569.99, though it can now be purchased for slightly less at RM562.99.

But if you get the MOD 005 on Akko’s online store instead, you can actually get it for slightly less at $129.99 (about RM540), though you’ll also have to pay more for shipping.

Anyway, the MOD 005, as mentioned, is a 65% keyboard with a gasket mounting system that makes use of 3mm PORON strips. It also has a CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate and an extra FR4 plate (very generous of Akko), a coiled cable, and support for both screw-in and plate-mounted stabilisers.

On paper, the Akko MOD 005 does seem like a reasonably good 65% keyboard. If you want to pick it up, you can do so over at Shopee Malaysia or Akko’s online store.

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