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Akko Unveils 6 New CS Switches With Dustproof Stem

Akko just added six new switches to its CS series. Unlike the company’s previous switches in the lineup, these new offerings sport dustproof stems, which should also improve stem wobble. Interestingly, a few of the new switches got some unique features too, including a “dual tactile bump” design and a two-stage spring.

Out of the six new CS switches, four of them are linear switches: Jelly White, Jelly Pink, Jelly Black – which is touted as the heaviest switch with a 50g actuation force – and Starfish, the only switch to feature a two-stage spring. This should make for snappier typing experience, thanks to a more pronounced upstroke.

The other two CS switches, on the other hand, are essentially the same tactile switch with a different colourway. Both the Jelly Blue and Sponge switches have a dual tactile bump that can be felt in the downstroke and upstroke. This should make for an interesting typing experience, especially if you’re a fan of tactile switches.

Compared to the CS V2 switches, these new offerings also have a polycarbonate bottom housing now, which should (in theory) make for an even clackier typing experience. Of course, this is only an educated guess on our part at this point in time until we’ve tried them out for ourselves.

We’ll be sure to give these new CS switches a thorough review once we’ve received them from Akko. In the meantime, you can purchase these switches from Akko’s international online store for $11.99 or Shopee Malaysia for RM44.56. As usual, they are sold in a box of 45 switches.

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