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Akko MOD 007 Now Available – Gasket-Mount 75% Keyboard (With Knob) for RM625

Here’s yet another affordable gasket-mounted aluminium keyboard from Akko; this time in a 75% form factor. Enter the Akko MOD 007, which is now available for purchase on Shopee Malaysia.

However, only the MOD 007 in Sakura Pink is offered at the moment for RM624.99 on Shopee. The other three colour options (Dark Night, Ocean Blue, Space Grey), will only be available at a later date, though you can pre-order them over at Akko’s online store for $149.99 (about RM625).

Just like the MOD 005, the MOD 007 is a gasket-mounted keyboard, though it uses a 75% layout instead with a knob at the top right. Other features of the MOD 007 are similar to the MOD 005, including a CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate and an extra FR4 plate, a coiled cable, and support for both screw-in and plate-mounted stabilisers.

The Akko MOD 007 (in Sakura Pink) is now available for purchase through Shopee Malaysia for RM624.99. Other colour options will be available soon, but if you want to secure a pre-order, you can do so over at Akko’s online store for $149.99.

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