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AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) USB-C MagSafe Charging Case Now Sold in Malaysia for RM449

Back in September this year, Apple updated its 2nd generation AirPods Pro with a new USB-C MagSafe charging case. If you’ve wanted to get the USB-C charging case for your existing AirPods Pro, good news: Apple is now selling the case separately.

For the Malaysian market, the USB-C MagSafe charging case for the 2nd gen AirPods Pro is priced at RM449. Although the case is now available for purchase through Apple’s Malaysian online store, it’s only set to start shipping locally in early January 2024 next year.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Apple Premium Resellers may have the USB-C charging case in stock earlier, though this is only an educated guess on our part. Nonetheless, for folks who want to upgrade from the AirPods Pro’s previous Lightning case to the current USB-C one, you won’t have to buy a whole new set now.

Granted, RM449 is still quite a bit of money for the USB-C MagSafe charging case, even if it’s still cheaper than purchasing a new unit for RM1,099. If you’re keen to get the USB-C case, you can do so on Apple’s Malaysian online store.

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