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Acer Predator Gaming Chair x Osim Arrives in Malaysia October 2020 for RM2,399

One of the most interesting products announced by Acer back at its Next@Acer Global Press Conference event is this one right here, the Acer Predator Gaming Chair x Osim. The biggest selling point of this gaming chair is its ability to give you a massage while you game in comfort, and it is now open for pre-orders in Malaysia,

The Predator Gaming Chair is currently listed by Osim on its Malaysian online store. Said to originally retail at RM4,899, you can place your pre-order for RM2,399 now. Yes, it’s not exactly an affordable product, but that’s the going rate of premium gaming chairs in the market now anyway.

As mentioned, the Predator Gaming Chair doubles as a massage chair, thanks to the integration of Osim’s V-Hand Massage Technology. This supposedly “emulates the agile hands of a professional masseuse on the user’s neck and shoulder,” and it allows the chair to perform massage techniques like kneading, pressing, rolling, and tapping.

As for the chair itself, it can recline 145-degree, and there are buttons on the right-side arm rest to control two sets of rollers. The position of the rollers can be changed to accommodate to different users’ shoulder position for maximum comfort, and the width can be adjusted to suit different body types as well. Did we mention that there are also two Bluetooth speakers built into the chair’s headrest?

The Acer Predator Gaming Chair x Osim is now available for pre-order in Malaysia on Osim’s website for RM2,399. As for shipping time, the chair is expected to be delivered by the end of October next month.

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