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Acer Predator BiFrost GPUs Coming to Malaysia – Radeon RX 7600 & Intel Arc A750 From RM1,299

Yes, Acer makes graphics cards now, and two of them are coming to Malaysia next week. The Acer Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7600 and Intel Arc A750 OC GPUs will be sold on our shores next week, marking Acer’s entry to the graphics card market in Malaysia.

Pricing wise, the Predator BiFrost Arc A750 OC is slightly more affordable with a RM1,299 price tag. As for Acer’s RX 7600, it retails at RM1,499. According to Acer, both graphics cards will be available for purchase in Malaysia sometime next week.

Based on the AMD RDNA 3 architecture, the BiFrost RX 7600 has 8GB of VRAM with boost clock speeds of up to 2655MHz. As for the BiFrost Arc A750 OC, it is clocked at 2200MHz with 8GB VRAM. Both GPUs share the same hybrid cooling design too, which combines a ringed axial fan with a blower-style fan.

We were told that several retailers will be carrying the new Acer Predator BiFrost GPUs in Malaysia. With that in mind, expect your favourite PC store to list the BiFrost RX 7600 and Bifrost Arc A750 OC GPUs sometime next week.

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