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Acer Launches XB273K & XV273K in Malaysia – 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitors

Acer just introduced two new gaming monitors for the Malaysian market: the Predator XB273K, and the Nitro XV273K. Not only are these 27-inch, 4K gaming monitors, they also come with Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync technologies respectively. That’s pretty neat.

But are either one of these gaming monitors any good? Well, let’s find out by taking a look at their feature set and retail prices.

For starters, there are not that many 4K gaming monitors in the market with a fast 144Hz refresh rate like these two products here. Yes, both the Predator XB273K and Nitro XV273K’s refresh rates can be overclocked to 144Hz, and that’s really fast for gaming monitors as pixel-dense as these two.

However, do note that you’ll need a very powerful machine to really take advantage of the 144Hz display. There are only a handful of graphics cards that can push that many frames at 4K resolution.

Naturally, the Predator XB273K and Nitro XV273K monitors also sport variable refresh rate courtesy of Nvidia and AMD. The former supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, while the Nitro monitor features AMD FreeSync. Depending on the kind of GPU you have, you’ll want one monitor over the other. Basically, Nvidia GPUs can take advantage of G-Sync, and vice versa.

Oh, another feature worth highlighting is the fact that both the Predator and Nitro monitors meet the standards for DisplayHDR 400. It’s the lowest certification granted by VESA for a display to be considered HDR-capable – in short, these monitors won’t look as impressive as another monitor with DisplayHDR 600 or 1000 certification – but hey, they can still properly display HDR content.

Last but not least is retail price, and it’s no surprise that the Nitro XV273K is the more affordable gaming monitor of the two. In Malaysia, this FreeSync monitor retails at RM2,999 – a pretty attractive price tag for a 4K monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. 

As for the Predator XB273K with G-Sync technology, it goes for RM4,599. Although most of its specifications are similar to the more affordable XV273K, the XB273K costs more simply because of its G-Sync capability – gaming monitors with the feature generally cost more.

The Acer Predator XB273K will only be available in Malaysia sometime in December later this year. The Acer Nitro XV273K, on the other hand, can be purchased in the middle of this month.

Besides launching the two new gaming monitors, Acer also announced its collaboration with Malaysian streetwear brand Pestle & Mortar. Two T-shirts are shown at the launch event: one of them has an Acer Swift laptop as its motive, while the other one is themed after the Predator series.

Given the streetwear status of Pestle & Mortar apparels, these two products do not come cheap. The Acer Swift shirt retails at RM99, while the one with the Predator motive goes for RM109. If you’re keen to get either one of these two shirts, you can do so on Acer’s own online store – they are only available for purchase there.

It may seem odd for a tech company like Acer to work together with a streetwear brand, but this kind of collaboration does happen from time to time. On a different note, if you’re looking to get a new laptop or desktop, check out Acer’s Gear Up This Season¬†promotion. The company is throwing in a number of freebies with the purchase of selected products, including the Pestle & Mortar T-shirts above.

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