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Acer AOpen 32HC5QR – 31.5″ 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor for RM759

Acer just announced the Malaysian availability of two budget-friendly gaming monitors: the Acer AOpen 24MV1YP and AOpen 32HC5QR. Both of these monitors are equipped with fast 165Hz panels, and on top of that, they are priced very competitively as well.

Let’s start with the more interesting gaming monitor (in our opinion) of the two, the AOpen 32HC5QR. Not only does it sport a fast 165Hz refresh rate, this monitor also comes with a sizeable 31.5-inch 1920 x 1080 VA panel with a 1800R curvature for a more immersive gaming experience. How much does the AOpen 32HC5QR cost? Only RM839.

As for the more affordable AOpen 24MV1YP, it has a smaller 23.8-inch 1920 x 1080 VA screen with the same 165Hz refresh rate for merely RM599. Now, despite their affordable price tags, both of these AOpen monitors come with a number of attractive features, including support for AMD FreeSync Premium and almost bezel-less designs.

To celebrate the Malaysian launch of the AOpen 24MV1YP and AOpen 32HC5QR, Acer will be running a special sale for these two monitors this midnight at 12AM on Lazada. During this promotion, the AOpen 24MV1YP will be listed at only RM569, while the AOpen 32HC5QR will go for only RM759. According to Acer Malaysia, this sale will also be extended to Shopee on 22 January from 12AM to 9AM.

If you’re looking for a fast gaming monitor that won’t break the bank, these two Acer AOpen monitors certainly fit the bill. Head on to Acer Malaysia’s official Shopee and Lazada listings for the two monitors to grab them at these promotional prices from 21 to 22 January 2021.

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